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WiseUp! #11 Guests: Extinction Party Series

Zu Gast ist das Kollektiv Ausgefinkelt, zusammen kündigen wir einen weiteren Extinction-Event im Dezember an. Extinction is a hardcore event series in Vienna, pushing the limits of underground music. We’re all about hardcore, from the deep and dark Doomcore to the fast-paced energy of Gabber and Terror. Our events are a platform for both upcoming and established artists, bringing the spirit of Doomraves to Vienna.
Our aim? To support the underground scene and introduce a raw, unfiltered hardcore experience.
Cancel your insurance – Extinction is coming!

Ausgefinkelt is where diverse music styles meet under one roof. We’re a collective of artists from various backgrounds, bringing you a rich mix of electronic dance music. From the classic Disco to the House and Techno, our events cater to all tastes.
Ausgefinkelt nights celebrate the diversity of electronic music, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a die-hard techno fan or a disco devotee.

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